"I started using PHYTO-ZOL after having persistent neck pain for two weeks and nothing else helped. This amazing topical worked within minutes and I was finally able to sleep for the first time in that entire two weeks! Since then I have tried it on everything from a stiff knee to my wrist issues from working on the computer too much and it's been life-saving. Recently, at night, I've been using one small dollop on my lower neck and shoulders, and within 15 minutes I am out cold! I've completely been able to stop taking any sort of over the counter oral sleep aid! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this product!"

- Nicole Y.

Nicole Y.

"My chiropractor gave me a sample of PHYTO-ZOL two weeks ago. The next morning I put it on and was amazed beyond amazement! I have a torn meniscus and it does cause a stiff knee and some pain. Within several minutes the pain was gone and it lasted all day! I love your product and have recommended it to others. We travel a lot and I won’t leave home without it!"

- Ellen T.

Ellen T.